Ten years producing arepas on Queen Street West.
Today, our time is up.
Arepa cafe has closed its doors to the public.
A success coming to an end, and we are celebrating a great project.

A Canadian expression promoting a foreign culture,
a little of the world in downtown Toronto.
Today, we are very proud of our cultural and culinary contribution.
Arepas were unknown back in 2009, now they are part of the city.

The challenges within the hospitality industry are immense,
we overcome many and were able to stay open from patience and discipline.
The result, a ten-year old project with many rewards.
In particular, the consistent and friendly clientele who kept coming back.

We thank you, and we will not forget you.

Life is a cycle, and nothing is permanent.
Happiness has a foundation on the ability to accept the passage of time.
For my partner Marc Lukacs and I, it is the right decision.
We will continue our contribution within our professional fields.

For now, we say goodbye.
Tomorrow the sun will rise again, and it will shine on those who smile.

Thank you Toronto,

Eduardo Lee
Arepa café, Inc.